lauantai 8. elokuuta 2009

Tässä lisäksi pari kirjassa (Overcoming Binge Eating, Dr.Christopher Fairburn) olleista, potilaiden omista kuvauksista ahmimishäiriön kanssa elämisestä:

"The truth I had to face, was that the problem was so much more invasive than it seemed - it affected everything. I couldn`t be me while I still had the problem"

"As I grow into middle age I realize with great sadness how much energy I have directed toward controlling my weight and eating, and the misery of the regular and consequent binges. I could be doing something productive with my energy - building relationships, reading, writing. I don`t know what I might be do, but I don`t want my epitaph (muistokirjoitus) to be "Jane wished she was thin". It was this, in the end, that made me decide to change."

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